My name is Stuart Farr and I started the Black Arts Library in 2010. Originally conceived as an outlet for Art, Music and Literature; imagine a Gallery, Record Label and Publishing Company all at once. It soon became apparent that this was madness impractical on many levels. It now services just the audio aspects of my endeavours. I use the words 'Independent Record Label' because it is common language we all understand and it pleases the Algorithm Gods of Holy Google and her Spiders. I run it as a hobby in my spare time because I spend a lot of time doing the art. SEE?

I do not have digital distribution so iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and the rest are waiting... When I figure out the balance between Sample Clearance and Transformative Fair Use, things might change.


I am not on social media, but I have SOUNDCLOUD and YOUTUBE.

I don't have the time to invest in marketing or promotion but I have every intention of releasing more vinyl as soon as I can. 

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